Fee structure

Last update 3rd June 2018

Transaction fee success or partial success trade is 0.2%

Withdrawal fee as followed

Coin Ticker Withdrawal fee
69Coin 69C 0.100000
Bitcoin BTC 0.001000
Cypher Mobile CYR 0.000000
Digibyte DGB 0.200000
KHcoin KHC 0.020000
Litecoin LTC 0.010000
Lynx LYNX 1000.000000
New York Gold NYG 0.100000
Popularcoin POP 1.000000
Popularcoin Classic POPC 0.200000
Prospercoin Classic PRC 0.020000
The Holy Roger Coin ROGER 0.100000
Zero-Zed X0Z 0.100000
Monero XMR 0.020000

Minimum fee is 0.000010 of any coin

We reserved rights to change the fee structure based on needed

We are working at the moment to implement security features and other great things so please trade smart and at own risk - Terms of service